14995172 sFirst all congratulations. If you're reading this I can assume you are either pregnant or you have made the decision to start a family and want to know more about exercise and the next 9 months. Now I cant explain why you may one day have a pregnancy food craving like mustard on everything that you eat. What I can do is try to put your mind at ease about what you can do fitness wise.

MyPT 260517 Muscle 4 webWe’ve all seen it in the gym, and it can be frustrating to watch; People training with weights that are obviously too heavy for them and in order to move the heavy weight most people tend to use a swinging motion.

I spent years making the same mistakes in commercial gyms and I WISH somebody had stepped in to stop me.

We've got heavy weights swinging up and down basically relying upon momentum to get from the bottom to the top of each rep.

Is this the best way to build muscle? Certainly not.

StepsThis is a question I get asked A LOT by clients and friends alike!

Cardio seems to be the age-old answer to losing weight.

The main thing you need to take into consideration when balancing your cardio with your resistance training is your primary training goal. First, ask yourself what the end result needs to be.

61717133 sI’ve always been quick to recommend the benefits of mindfulness practices. Not just for the effect it can have on your day to day life, but also in improving your mindset when it comes to training and your daily nutrition choices.

I encourage most of my clients to engage in meditation having discovered the multiple benefits to its practice myself. I don’t think there’s anybody that WOULDN’T benefit from meditating daily, even the people that seem most at peace with themselves!


 Do you find you aren't getting results as quickly as you'd wished?

With each week of training that you achieve, each day spent suffering; when a walk up the stairs seems like a hike up Mount Kilimanjaro, it can start to make you question if you're willing to do it all again next week. Don’t throw in the towel just yet.

The answer doesn’t lie in more cardio, fat burners or any thing as extreme as these methods. Learn how to utilise the most overlooked day of the week, Sunday, and I promise you that you will reach that next level of training and hit all of your goals.

23016447 sWedding season is here, with breakfast brunches, parties galore and longer days.

Trying to get healthy this time of year can be an absolute nightmare if you have a healthy social life.

Fear not, here’s the top 10 low calorie cocktails you can order at the bar and not blow your calorie budget, cheers.

too much

Whether you’ve just returned from holiday or you’re in a healthy regime rut, one things for certain, you can feel the excuses creeping in. 

“Can’t be bothered to train today” or “There’s no time to cook, I’ll order something”

How do you stay on track when motivation is slipping through your fingers?

MyPT 260517 Move 27 webSo, you may have some experience in the gym (or maybe you don’t). One thing is certain, you want to  take your fitness to the next level and you’re not sure how to do it. If it’s just taking that first step in to a gym, or you need a new level of structure and support you’ve never had before, you know you want a personal trainer to help. One problem, any PT you’re interested in working with is not going to be cheap and you fear you can’t afford their services.

34028119 sSo you found yourself a massage therapist or physio who you get treatment from because you got injured during sports or leisure activities or you are suffering from an overuse/repetitive stress injury from work.


47366824 sA good therapist should guide you all the way back to full fitness and health after an injury. This includes prescribing you certain homecare advice, such as exercises, stretching, icing etc.

41550681 sStatistics say that 80% of the population will at some stage in their life suffer from acute low back pain.

So if you have never suffered from it you can count yourself pretty lucky. It used to be, and not until too long ago that your doctor would order you to have full on bed rest. Fortunately we have come away from this approach as days of bed rest can be very much counterproductive.